Whale Tour | 17.30 – 20.00 | 700 Dkk |

Halibut Ponton Harbour, Ilulissat , Greenland

Whale Tour | 17.30 – 20.00 | 700 Dkk |

Duration :   2,5 Hours
Price From :    DKK 700.00
Max People :    10
Start Location:   Halibut Ponton Harbour, Ilulissat
Total Seats :  10/10
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The sound of the whale blowing (when the whale sprays water out) reveals that it is swimming past the boat. You can see the back of the whale sticking up above the water surface as it calmly moves forward. It sprays water out a few times before making a flick of the tail and diving down again.

If you are really lucky and come in the middle of mealtime, you can see the whales sticking their mouths above the surface in an attempt to fill it with ammasetter.

  • Price: 700 DKK
  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Sailing schedule: Regular trips every day from 21.30 PM – 23.59 PM with Leia Najanuka.

Minimum 4 passengers to be booked, before the tour can start.

Schedule Details

At 17.00 we meet at Halibut Ponton Harbour, Ilulissat.
At 17.30 we sail off to watch some whales
At 20.00 we will be back at Halibut Ponton Harbour.


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