Unique Tours




Boat trips
All boat trips depart from Diskoline’s site at Halibut Greenland.

The trips include:

  • Guide on board the boat
  • Information about Eqi Glacier provided by the guide on board
  • Sandwich, coffee and tea

You are welcome to bring your own beverages, such as water or soda (coffee and tea are incl.)

If you have allergies that we must be aware of for lunch, please contact info@uniquetours.gl

What to bring?
Always bring warm clothes. Although it can be warm on land, it is colder at sea and the best place to enjoy our trips is outside the cabin.

We always offer coffee and tea aboard our boat tours.

As a rule, we sail all year round, but the weather conditions are always taken into account. Especially in the winter period, there may therefore be less tours available.